Phase 1: Relief Care

Pain relief and injury rehabilitation are the top reasons why many people visit a chiropractic clinic. At Warrington Chiropractic, our wellness chiropractor's first goal is always to reduce or relieve your symptoms. This is usually the most intense period of treatment, requiring visits 2-3 times per week or even daily, depending on the severity of your symptoms.

There’s an important caveat to be aware of: pain is a poor indicator of health. Just because you aren't feeling pain, it doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong with you. Pain is usually a late warning sign, only showing up once a condition has become advanced. Think about common conditions like toothaches, or even serious diseases like heart disease and cancer, and you’ll see how pain is usually the last thing to appear.

happy patient after treatment

Injury Rehabilitation Services

That’s why relief care is only the first phase of treatment. Once our wellness chiropractor starts to correct the problem, pain will often disappear. This doesn't mean that the underlying problem is fixed. In order to completely correct the problem and prevent pain from coming back, we need to move on to corrective care.

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